Hey Mickey! (You're So Fine)

Cactus Classic 2000

Alltel Ice Den

  Scottsdale, Arizona



 Shelby Lynn claimed

Second Place 

in her 

Artistic Light competition at the

 Cactus Classic 2000 


Scottsdale, Arizona.


Shelby's two piece costume is homemade. 

The chenille MM letters and mouse shape were custom made in Dallas and attached to a cotton fleece sweatshirt.  More photos

Her hat is a modified Disneyland creation.

The cheerleader skirt was custom made with over 200 purple and green Swarovski crystals attached. 

The boot covers are purple and white sequined saddle oxfords. 

Not pictured are custom purple and green mini metallic pom pons.



Shelby Lynn..."Hey Mickey!"

Mrs. Lisa Jackson, Coach

Love Story Photography

Phoenix, Arizona

Shelby's Skating Competition Programs